What's Live in Session?

At Live in Session we’re passionate about promting original music.  Our show is live streamed, in association with Plymouth Herlad onto Facebook on certain Tuesday nights throughout the year.

How do you choose your artists?

We’re serious about promoting original music.  Currently we’re looking for artists and bands with at least six original songs who are able to do a low key/MTV Unplugged style version of their set and don’t mind talking about heir music and the music scene between songs.

If you think you fit the bill, we’d be eager to hear from you.  Please start our application process by clicking the button below to apply for the show.


Do you provide work experience?

Yes, we do! Some of the current members of our team started off as work experience students.  If you’re passionate about film, audio and promoting original music, please send an email to stu.welsh@liveinsession.co.uk with the subject line “Work Experience”.  Attach your CV and, where appropriate, your portfolio (audio/video).

Why aren't all of the sessions on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, etc.?

When we have an artist on Live inSession, we enter into a contract wit them to distrubute the session, when the artist, or thier mangement, label and/or publisher doesn’t agree with our contract, we sometimes have to modify the terms, meaning we can’t upload to some places.  This only applies to sessions from May 2017 onwards, before then we didn’t have any agreements in place, so those sessions are not available outside YouTube and Facebook.

General Questions

For general questions, comments or information please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Business, Partnership & Sponsorship: stu.welsh@liveinsession.co.uk
Booking, Video & Production: crew@liveinsession.co.uk

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